Friday, December 3, 2010


Like any going concern in this economy I've downsized my collection quite a bit this year. Partly for economic reasons and partly for the space/time continuum of an aging gamer. Gone are about 50 board games, both war games and Euro games. Board Game Geek was a great venue for the board game sales. Gone are 90% of my WW2 15mm figures, sold off mostly to TFL buddies in the states. Gone are the WW2 1/2400 naval models. Gone are the WW1 plane models. Gone are 50% of the WW2 plane models along with the Check your Six rules and modules. The one surprise was that not one prospective buyer popped up for my mass of 28mm ancients.

 Saved for future use were the 28mm AWI and 28mm ECW figures. I've actually got a local artist who wants to learn how to paint figures and I'm giving her a crack with my AWI figures. Pictures when she has made a little progress. Enough for now, next time a story about my current project and the wreck of the USS Constitution.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Updates (about time!)

Well, loads has changed in the 10 months since my last post. Most notably I've been cleaning house, selling off loads of figures to Lard buddies and others. I haven't use eBay this time but the Surplus Wargames yahoo group and a short notice on the Too Fat Lardies yahoo group too. Gone are the majority of my 15mm WW2 figures, gone are the 1/2400 WW2 GHQ ships, gone are both the 15mm and 20mm Vietnam figures and terrain and gone are other smaller groups of figures. I still have more to list but the mailing and packaging got to be too much. Another big change in my gaming has been a move to board games, which is where I started back in JHS.
ASL is my new favorite and I get in maybe 2-3 games a month if lucky and have a monster game set up at home since June. More to come as I've criticized a good friend for not keeping up her blog and now have to follow my own advice.
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