Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo update

I've promised some photos of my current projects, most stalled for lack of movtivation. First up are the excellent WW1 Austrian 28mm figures from Scarab with a few discontinued firgues from the HLBS Company. These along with my Italians are for the new WW1 platoon level rules from TFL, "Through the Mud & the Blood. The number of figures got to me and I moved on. Next is the project of rebasing 28mm ancients from WHA to Impetus. They Celts are the first crack along with a base of Romans just behind them. This has been an ongoing painting project for 3-4 years now. Next up on the disabled list is the Quar, for a fantasy game set "This Quar's War"
Sort of a WW1 era / tool using anteater kind of thing. Unique combat rules with a small figure count. At the author is a local I will be returning to the Quar over the winter. Now to something I'm actaully progressing on. Currently the ECW figures are getting painted, slowly but I do have a unit near completion. This unit is for the playtesting of a skirmish set of rules based on Sharp Practice. Royalist here with the Parliamentarian to follow along with dragoons for both sides.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An ADHD update

Like many of you I flit between scales, periods and rule sets making incremental progress on a certain group of figures before something shiny catches my eye. Usually the shiny object is a harmless post on a forum or a link from TMP. I despise myself and occasionally clean off my panting table of all projects but the "one" I'm going to dedicate myself to finish. In reality it doesn't work quite as well as I'd like. This year, 2009, has seen me complete my initial batch of 40MM Napoleonic figures for a "Sharp Practice" demo in March. This is one project, about 120 foot figures and including terrain and buildings that I can be proud of, even though the 30 or so planned French cavalry figures and a few mounted officers have yet to be finished. In the midst of this Napoleonic painting spree for some strange reason I started an American FOW company and got about 75% finished before backing off. I don't even play FOW anymore. Then came the First World War and the Too Fat Lardies and Rob Bloom. I gobbled up "Through the Mud and the Blood" 28MM Scarab Austrians and Italians and Kallistra trenches.
I was devoted to WW1 and loved the figures, researching the period and reading the history. A Sunday visit in early June to my local stockist led me to a new rule set actually written by one of the owners of the store. Well, I couldn't buy the rules without buying at least a pack of figures as a colorful diversion from my feldgray Austrians so the "Quar" bumped my Austrians lads back a bit. Surely to be finished the minute the 5 pack of Quar were painted. Well, further trips to the store after reading the rules ("This Quar's War") led to buying a full section and command with some HMG support. Now here's where I always get bollocked up, I seem to be able to assemble, base and prime any amount of figures but the minute I begin painting in my sub-conscience I begin looking for something new. This past week had me follow a new thread on the Too Fat Lardies forum discussing a ECW version of the skirmish rules "Sharp Practice" a late 18th early 19th century set of rules. Out come the ECW figures I'd purchased over the past year awaiting the still to be published TFL rules tentatively called "In The Buff" The past week has seen me prime, assemble, base and slap a regimental coat color on about 50 figures.

So my dilemma continues, ECW skirmish for a play test rule set which may not happen? "Quar" for a club game which is happening the end of July? Or soldier on with the WW1 Austrians. Did I mention the Litko bases shipped today to rebase my 28mm ancients for Impetus?

God! minutes after publishing this I remembered the CWC 6mm Cold War project, Ambush Alley 20mm project, Star Trek miniatures and numerous board games set up and then taken down in the past 6 months. Where did I put my meds?
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