Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer projects

Kubla Khan passed me by this Memorial Day without running a "Too Fat Lardies" demo game. I try and do this 2-3 times a year here in California both for my own enjoyment and to spread the word. A wedding and a barbecue foiled my plans this year. Conquest San Francisco in September will be my next demo. Hopefully a "Through the mud and Blood" demo of the WW1 Lardie rules.
That said my Scarab Austrians and Italians for M&B were shunted aside as I latched onto a modern set of micro armor rules, "Cold War Commander" Thinking it'd be a piece of cake to paint up two forces quickly I'm bogged down now with painters block and spend my time reading board game rules and clipping counters like a fool. But! I've recently become involved in a kriegsspiel game covering the Great War battle of Cambrai. I'm playing the part of the IV British Corps commander, General Woollsey. I'll be updating both the Cambrai battle and posting some photos of my work bench projects soon.
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