Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2010 - A New Year's Project List (Part 1 of 2)

In the past week I'm seeing more and more bloggers with end of year and New Years lists so I thought I'd join the club. As for my best of list I'm keeping it short and sweet and listing not only new things but the best of what I've enjoyed most, discovered or rediscovered this year.

1) The Too Fat Lardies Yahoo forum. A witty, rambling roundtable of information and tomfoolery from wargame fans around the world, the only ingredient missing which would make this the best site online is hearing the accents of all involve. A bonus read if you actually own a set of their rules.


2) The Meeples and Miniatures podcast. And here you actually hear the accents! Coverage of all types of miniature and board gaming, Neil really covers the gamut in a delightful way. His weekly video reviews are a joy to watch. New for me this year.


3) The Perry Brothers figures. I've purchased figures from Perry on and off over the years, mainly 40mm Nappies but this year I dove into their 28mm AWI line and I'm dumb struck by the quality of casting, sculpting and posing in this range. Building up forces to do AWI with the supplement and scenarios from the TFL specials. Better looking figures than I've seen in Juggs magazine.


4) The 2 Half Squads Podcast. What could be better than 2 guys sitting around drinking beer and scotch talking about the best board war game ever designed. Dedicated to Advanced Squad Leader and it's continuing expansions they discuss rules, tactics and the joy and despair of the dice rolling life.


Next time I'll try and get my house in order and lay out a plan for purchasing, painting and playing games for 2010.

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ArmChairGeneral said...

I have heard great things about Perry miniatures.

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